In an article published a few days, human rights activist Shreen Saroor notes the incidence of harassment and physical abuse of victims who have campaigned for accountability and human rights in the North and East. Incidents of this type erode victims’ confidence in the process and ought to be taken…
Despite land grabbing being a common feature of many armed conflicts and an integral part of discriminatory policies against minority groups, it is insufficiently addressed in post-conflict or transitional justice accountability processes. While truth-commissions, in particular the Truth Commission in El Salvador, have highlighted that land confiscation often constitutes a…
Our recent paper “Fitting the Bill: Incorporating International Crimes into Sri Lankan Law” argues that no meaningful prosecution of atrocity crimes of the type alleged in Sri Lanka can take place without incorporating international crimes and corresponding modes of liability—including JCE, ordering, and command and superior responsibility—into Sri Lankan law.…
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